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Luke 17:1 “It is impossible that no offenses should come, but woe to him through whom they do come!

Have you ever been hurt or betrayed by someone? Have you been the point of gossip? Or perhaps you’ve really been irritated by someone who was just plain rude? Let’s face it: as long as there are people, there is going to be offenses and hurt feelings. Offenses are inevitable! Being crippled by offense is optional. The Greek word for “Offended” is loaded with insight: Offended – Greek, skandalon - referred to the part of a trap to which bait was attached. The word’s original meaning for offense...laying a trap in someone’s way. Offense is the Devil’s primary way to detour you from God’s call and purpose in your life. If He can get you to “step in his trap”, at the very least, you’ll end up walking with a limp, instead of running in victory. Jesus was able to navigate rejection, gossip and even crucifixion without it paralyzing Him in His purpose, and, so can we. Though He deeply felt the pain of offense, He quickly side-stepped the trap of bitterness by walking in forgiveness. What someone did to you, no matter how cruel and mean-spirited, is not worth your future. Step around the trap of offense, forgive and release the offender and get back to your path of purpose!

Psalm 119:165 Great peace have they who love thy Law and nothing shall offend them.

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