"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17


To train men in the knowledge of God. To be the Leaders in our home, as well, in our congregation. Being an example to our marriage, children, and friendship.



Promote a deep relationship with the Holy Spirit in order to continue being the pillar of the church, home, and society.








     GTTN Men's Ministry Calendar (Breakfast 9:00 am)    


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"A Few Men and a Hammer Ministry"



Little Nails and a Steady Hammer Builds Lives...

Earl holds many Certificate in Ministry, Government, Business, and Community efforts. He has a degree in Communication from U of Phx. 


Earl is a Former Commissioner of Tuscon Parks. 

Former National Day of Pray Facility Coordinator 

Former Chaplain of Gospel Rescue Mission 

Former Owner of Transitional Men's Houses for Dual Diagnosis and Re-entry Programs. 


He is married to Jamie Cross and together they full fill God's purpose. 


Earl has 5 bio children..., and together with his wife have 4 adopted children 

Director: Earl Cross

Assistant Director: Jerry Gilliam

Minister of Prayer: Marty Wagoner

Minister of Finance: Tyrone Carter

Minister of Security: John Ottinger