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Worship Ministries

is dedicated to the call of worshiping, exalting, and proclaiming the name of Jesus and bringing the message of Christ to the Nations through music, dance and visual arts.

Frontline Singers

This group of singers serves in the Celebration Services on the weekends and for special events. Frontline Singers are exactly that.. The First to lead by example True, Authentic Worship to God.

Psalm 68:25  (NKJV)

Liz Schillinger

Worshippers who would like to proclaim it loud and proud that Christ our Lord is ALIVE!! If you are ages 10 and over, come join us for a joyous time of proclamation of JESUS HAS RISEN!


Liz Schillinger


Grace Worship band is the opportunity for talented individuals to worship God through their instruments. Keyboards, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Wind Instruments, Brass Instruments... All Are Welcome!!!

Gil Salas

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