Missions Trip to Iquitos and Lima, Peru

July 7th - 22nd 2015


Iquitos, Peru is located in the Amazon jungle of South America. It is surrounded by such

dense jungle that there are no roads in or out of the city and it is pretty isolated from the

rest of the country. It can only be reached by boat on the river or by plane. It is a beautiful

tropical paradise in need of Jesus hope through Salvation. On this trip we will be

ministering in the city of Iquitos and its surrounding jungle areas. After a car ride and

about an hours hike through the jungle we will reach the ministry school where I taught for quite a few years while living in Iquitos. We will teach classes there as well as work and live among our fellow ministers in Christ, serving them in every way possible. In the city of Iquitos, we will do evangelistic outreaches and minister to adults and youth in the local church. At the end of our trip we will stay in Lima, the countrys capitol, for a few days. We will minister there in a youth church and serve everyone with whom we come in contact.


Missions Trip Objectives:

  • Take Spanish Bibles down for local pastors and ministers in training in the Amazon jungle

  • Teach workshops for local pastors and ministers in training in the Amazon jungle

  • Speak in local youth services and main church services in Iquitos and Lima

  • Do evangelism outreaches with local church and ministers

  • Do physical labor along-side local ministers in the jungle

  • Learn and practice cross-cultural ministry skills

  • Learn and practice evangelism skills

  • Practice making physical, financial and time sacrifices for ministry

  • Learn ministry skills from local Peruvian ministers/ pastors

  • Gain experience in stretching ones faith beyond human limits

  • Learn to give up everything for the sake of the Gospel