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If you are interested in becoming a home group leader, please take the following action steps: 


1. Read through the expectations listed below. 

2. Fill out the home group leadership application form and complete agreement of GTTN Groups Leader expectations. 

3. Wait to be contacted by Pastor Christy for a phone interview/ orientation. 

4. Attend GTTN Groups Leaders Training on July 28th from 10am-4pm.

5. All home groups will begin the week of August 26th. 


Expectations of GTTN Groups Leaders 





* Lead each home group session by facilitating biblical discussion, encouraging participation and monitoring healthy home group life. 

* Provide clear communication on home group life and progress when requested by church staff or a home groups coach. 

* Attend and engage in any home group leadership development opportunities. 

* Identify and select an individual within your home group to train and develop as a future home group leader. 

* Strive to grow and multiply your home group by inviting people that do not yet know Jesus.

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